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Rajasthan Birth Certificate Apply
Birth & Death Certificate Registration (जन्म और मृत्यु प्रमाण पत्र पंजीकरण)
The first official document that every newborn in Rajasthan is required to have is the birth certificate, which contains both the child's name and the names of the parents. The baby's date, location, and gender are listed on the birth certificate along with many other legal specifics. Additionally, this document serves as the child's passport around the globe.
Furthermore, Rajasthan's government programmes are founded on these birth documents. To make it easier for citizens to acquire a birth certificate in Rajasthan, the government set up a system that enables them to download all of their forms via a website. To enable applicants to submit their birth certificates online, they created a platform.
Birth Document Required
A birth certificate is required for every lawful transaction in a country. (including passport verification or getting admitted to an Indian school or college). The formal proof of the person's age is their birth certificate. Anyone in India who requires age verification at a legal agency can present their birth certificate.
It also serves as identification evidence. If there are any spelling mistakes in a person's name at an institution or school, the Rajasthan birth certificate can be used as an affidavit. The appropriate authorities will spell out the name correctly without further investigation.
Rajasthan Birth Certificate: Required Papers
Applicants for birth certificates must submit the following paperwork:
  1. birth document application
  2. Birthplace is noted in medical centre documents.
  3. evidence of paternal identity.
  4. Bhamashah family ID document.
  5. the guardians' identification card
  6. the birth certificate's information
  7. The following information will be entered on the birth document during the application process:
    • Birthdate
    • Sexual orientation
    • names of the parents and the kid
    • Other data as required by the form specifications
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FAQ's of Rajasthan Birth Certificate Apply

Application for a birth certificate in Rajasthan:
Visit pehchan.raj.nic.in on the web.
Choose the option for downloading forms from the main menu.
To submit a birth application, please go here.
Download the certificate in pdf format on your PC.
After printing the form, manually complete it.

Step 1: Get a "Birth Certificate Update/correction Form" from the gramme panchayat or municipal corporation office where your child was born.
Step 2: Approach the officer about the birth certificate name change after obtaining an affidavit from a local notary.

Step 1: Collect the 'Birth Certificate Update/Correction Form' from the Municipal Office or Gram Panchayat where your child is born.
Step 2: Get an affidavit from the local notary and approach the authority regarding the change of name in the birth certificate.

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